Everyone there is always the hands of a few CD, the disk has been scratched into the super decoder can not read DVD’s degree. Readily throw it, one is not willing, the second is not environmentally friendly; go to special collection points, lazy a troublesome. As a result, creative people began to try to make these kinds of decorations used CD. You may have tried to do with the CD coasters or trays, but this idea has long been obsolete, in fact, CD can do lamps, blinds … … does not matter, then we will tell you six new ideas, change CD art waste , instantly stunning the audience.

1 Easy CD lamp

See on the table put this pile of CD, probably no one would think that this is a lamp. This waltz time you press the switch, the absolute moment of harvest several more amazing.

2. CD blinds

/ Gkimage/sj/u4/nr/sju4nr.pngcreation of this complex and compelling CD fan shutters, looks like a huge one, in fact, as long as the CD with a tough line to complete their friends to wear. Of course, you have to have enough reserves used CD, this is a very cost materials!

3. “CD” CD rack

/ Gkimage / qt / jv / fs / qtjvfs.pngWaste produced a CD with CD rack, is not there a contradiction between a sense of fatalism? But you denying that this is a wonderful idea, both aesthetic and practical. The work people do want to go to the book shelves, do have the same purpose. You can make yourself such a CD rack, with the old CD to install a new CD it ~

4. CD dress

/ Gkimage / op / pi / us / oppius.pngThe 16-year-old girl from Iceland Gonzalez Irene Nabei absolutely the potential to become top designers, she will film the old CD hundreds of pieces fit together perfectly with the candy wrappers produced this evening dress. This feeling of absolute bling bling can spike a group of female beauty, which contains the technical content and environmental consciousness, is absolutely the heart of many good geeks. But this evening dress of the complexity of the sewing process or stage that I so discouraged, are interested in the husk er can try to produce their own look.

5. CD wind meter

/ Gkimage/bn/2e/2v/bn2e2v.pngWith the CD market used to produce surface wind meter is definitely an efficient way to re-use. CD wind direction into account the advantages far beyond aesthetics, disk reflected light can also play the role of birds to disperse, while not harmful to birds. But the wind meter can not be made too high, or the way until the light is reflected not just the eye of birds, and if unfortunately which pilot which caused the air accident, the consequences may serious.

6.CD into the sea

/ Gkimage/8m/kk/3f/8mkk3f.pngInterest in science and technology have been introduced to lead a discarded CD produced works of art, French artist and architect Elise Morin Clémence Eliard to 65,000 abandoned CD stitching together, and placed on the inflatable object, constitutes an area of ​​500 square meters this piece of “CD of the sea. ”

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